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Arrows - Scrolls the landscape
Left Click Select item
Shift + Left Click - Toggles the selection under the cursor
Ctrl + Left Click/Double Click Select all units of that type
Left Click and Drag Select all units inside box

P Pause/Menu
F Speeds up game
Z - Toggles zoom
Mouse wheel Zoom
Esc Cancels

0 to 9 - Selects group set to that number
Shift + 0 to 9 - Sets the current selection as a group
H/Shift + H - Selects the Head quarters / Selects and Zooms to
B/Shift + B - Selects the Barracks / Selects and Zooms to
V/Shift + V - Selects the Vehicle Factory / Selects and Zooms to
A/ Shift + A - Selects the Airfield / Selects and Zooms to
S/ Shift + S - Selects the Strike Center / Selects and Zooms to
N - Selects the next item and zooms to it
T - Zooms to and if held down tracks the current selection
This game is a test of your skills at strategy, as well as the speed of your fingers. You must build and guide a base and army in order to defend yourself and defeat your enemies in this fun real time strategy game!

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